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Diabetic Pregnancy

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June 11th, 2008

11:40 am
I need some advice.

For those of you that are currently pregnant, or have been pregnant.. has your insulin requirements changed at all during the pregnancy?

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June 6th, 2008

03:09 pm - Howdy
Hi folks; I figured I'd reintroduce myself, as I haven't really been in/active this community since I was pregnant with my first baby. My name is Casey, I have type II diabetes when unpregnant. I had my last son with virtually no complications pregnancy-wise because of the diabetes (I stayed on 500 mg/2x a day of Metformin throughout my pregnancy). I am pregnant again and this time things are a little rougher, but I think this is a good thing - my CDE is awesome and the guidelines are stricter than when I was pregnant with my first baby (I was pregnant in another state, saw an OB who specialized in GD; now I am seeing a midwife and a CDE/endo for the diabetes part). I am right now on 1000mg of Metformin ER and may be broaching into the insulin part of this whole deal, which in my mind is totally fine, but my hormone-crazy state it's making me a little looney. :)

Anyway, hi! I look forward to learning more about all of this all over again and getting to know you.

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02:41 pm - Morning sickness and BG
While we're keeping our good news a secret from most of our friends until she hits 12 weeks, I suppose its safe enough to come out of the closet with our LJ friends:

kelakea and I are 8 weeks pregnant! We're both type 1's which affords us the luxury of having someone who REALLY understands the complications, and we're both pumpers. She has had some tough spells of morning sickness the past 2 weeks, but its really spiked the last 2 days to the point that she can barely smell ANY food without vurping, and is having a hard time keeping down anything more than saltine crackers. Because she's so sick, her BG has been lower than usual. I woke her last night in the middle of the night to check her and she was 30, and soaked with sweat.

We've asked out OB to get us a scrip for Phenergan, and we have the preggie drops and more ginger based snacks and drinks than you can shake a glucometer at- any other recommendations for helpful (preferrably natural) ways to keep the nausea at bay and her BG up?

*We're both trying to embrace a more organic/green approach to food and the pregnancy- any tips in that department are welcome as well.*

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May 25th, 2008

11:02 am - frustrating diabetic pregnancy moment
I just need to vent for a minute. I'm pregnant with our first child. My blood sugars have been in good control so far (due in late August). I went to my OB on friday morning and she took measurements of our baby. Apparently the baby is on the large side, and if I continue on this trajectory, I will definitely need a C section.  The thought of a section scares the hell out of me, but if I need one to make sure baby is safe, that's really fine with me. I'll do whatever she says. I'm just freaked out by this. Plus the fact that she told me that I can be in absolute perfect control, but that the baby can still get big. Stupid diabetes. I'm sick of it. I just want to be back to normal again. I've been diabetic for 4 years and it blows. I'm okay for the most part but every now and then I get really frustartd and down about all of this.
Current Mood: blahblah

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May 8th, 2008

11:01 am - gestational diabetes
I dont know whats going on with me. Everything is fine, the doctors have all said that my blood sugar control is AWESOME.
Suddenly, I am RAVENOUS. I feel like I'm no longer able to control my weight. I seem to do okay with carbs.. but now if I eat what I feel are "too many" carbs and .. go for a walk, I come back and an hour later my sugars are down to 70 -75 and I'm starting to feel sick.. like .. hungry type sick.
I know that to a true diabetic low blood sugar is NOT in the 70's, but for me, once it is below 74 or so I'm prone to feeling sick. I get grouchy, I get a headache, once a quick batch of hunger pangs passes I feel nauseous, no longer hungry feeling at all, just curl up and SLEEP sort of feeling.
Its always been like this, pregnancy or not, but I've never had numbers to associate with these feelings.

It seems like my body is suddenly using sugars very quickly. Still, if I eat too many carbs in one sitting, very quickly, my sugars will "spike" (for me thats been eating around 50 carbs and my sugars going up to 130 or 140 or so) but the fall off seems to be faster.

I find myself grazing on small amounts of carbs all day to keep myself from feeling sick.

Everyone said that as I got more and more pregnant that I would become more insulin resistant, and would probably need medication or insulin.

I dont really understand diabetes. Maybe the basics that I've read. but I think I only understand being insulin resistant, or not making enough, I guess I never bothered to learn about .. making too much? Largely because the doctors feel this is a temporary thing for me, and that once the pregnancy is over I'll most likely not even be a type 2 (at least not immediately).

When do you guys start feeling sick from low blood sugar? am I just really sensitive?

The docs said to not worry, but just eat a snack if my blood sugars fall below 70.. I guess I'm not worried, just confused at the numbers I've been getting recently.
I should be happy right?
why do I feel so "off" about the whole thing?

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April 23rd, 2008

09:13 am - An Introduction.
I'm new, a newly diagnosed Gestational Diabetic, and about 22 weeks pregnant with my second. (well, technically 3rd, my first ended in miscarriage).
Several people in the Diabetes community suggested I join here.. I meant to right away, but my motivation for doing even 2 second web errands seems pretty low, ugh. I just managed to join last night.

I was an undiagnosed Gestational Diabetic with my daughter, who was born 10 pounds 12 oz, and was in the NICU for 5 days on IV's for low bloodsugar. I felt really betrayed the whole time, because I had passed my 3 hour glucose test, but knew the numbers were high.. I asked if I should do anything different with my diet, monitor carbs or anything and they said no.. so I just.. didnt worry.

This time my care has been very different, but unfortunately I've already been risked out of being able to have a midwife attended birth, and am fearful I'm going to be risked out of attempting for a VBAC. (my daughter was persistent breech, so she was a scheduled c-section which just crushed, I was so so disappointed)

I'm in the natural birth community as well, a lot of people there talk about how you just need to trust your body.. women's bodies have been doing this since the beginning of humanity.
I have trouble with that trust. My body and the baby just didnt cooperate with my daughter. I felt like my body failed me, because for those 40 weeks I felt sure that my pregnancy would not end in a c section... that I would come into my own and be a confident, able, birth-er, and a wonderful mother. Mothering came with difficulty as well, my confidence in my ability to be a mother was just shot because of my birth experience. It seems SO silly, but the workings of our mind are not always rational huh?

I'm sure I'll be bothering you guys regularly. Be sure to let me know if I get irritating... or say things that dont belong here... it takes a while sometimes to get a feel for the community, ya know?

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January 24th, 2008

05:20 pm
Hi everyone. :) I just found out on Friday that I was pregnant so I'm about 6 weeks right now. I've had type 2 diabetes since I was 12 years old and honestly, I've never really controlled it. I'm now 18 and pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant my doctor told me that type 2 gets worse with pregnancy. I didn't worry too much because I didn't know what could happen if I didn't control it. Well, today I googled 'pregnancy and diabetes' and I pretty much freaked myself out and I'm starting to stress. The last time I went saw my endocrinologist was during the summer and it went pretty well. My A1c went from 9 to 6.7 or somewhere around there so she took me off my medicine and wanted me to come back in a month but I didn't get around to making another appointment. I don't have my first prenatal appointment until Feb. 13th so I was wondering what do I do 'til then? I know that's such a vague question, lol.. I know I should check my blood sugars often, making sure they're normal.. eat right. Should I avoid all sugars for right now, at least for the first trimester..? Is there anything else? Any feedback is appreciated. TIA.

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January 8th, 2008

02:40 pm - New Community
Hi Everyone,

I want to tell you about a new community that I started called Diabetic Parents.  It's for...well...diabetic parents..lol.  I've been a type 1 diabetic for 11 years and have a 3 year old and a 7 month old.  There are lots of times when I wish I had someone to talk to who understands how hard it is to consistently check your sugars when you have kids.  Someone who knows what it's like to worry about your children being diagnosed with this disease.  Someone who understands why I get teary eyed when I try to teach my 3 year old to say "My mommy has diabetes" in case I get low in public or if she has to call 911.  And it's always fun to share the funny stories too!

Below is the link.  I hope everyone has a great pregnancy and a safe delivery!!


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November 4th, 2007

11:05 pm - Getting Pregnant
So ladies... can I ask a question?

How hard was it for you all to get pregnant with your current bundle(s) of joy? Did you all have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get pregnant?

I'm struggling with getting pregnant, and it's really bothering me. I've kept my blood sugars in good numbers for over a year now (last A1c was 6.5), I am slightly overweight, but there's tons of women out there who are way bigger than me that have gotten pregnant, and my husband's SA has come back just fine. In addition, all my bloodwork & tests came back fine, that I ovulate regularly, etc.
I just can't understand why it's been so difficult for me. We're going on 2 years, 4 months now.

Does anyone have any advice or anything?

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September 26th, 2007

02:36 pm - Borderline GD
So, I have "borderline" GD, and I can control it with diet and exercise. The perinatal doctor my OB sent me to said that under one set of criteria I "marginally" have it, and under a different set of criteria, I don't have it. So, lovely, I'm "borderline." My blood sugars have been fine except for one (where I may have eaten to many carbs) in all of two and a half weeks or so. We told the OB we do not want an induction between 38 and 40 weeks (which she had mentioned at our previous appointment) and would like to avoid any induction at all. I asked how late they would let me go past my due date, and she said they generally don't let people with GD go past their due dates. Then she said we'll talk about it when it gets closer and that maybe this baby will be early. Fine. I am going to refuse any induction before 41 weeks (unless the baby is in fetal distress according to the stress tests and such), but I just wanted to know.

How common is it that your care provider's "policy" or whatever states to have that baby out by your due date because you have GD?

Sorry if I sound cranky. I guess I am.

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